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Coming milestones

Doubting Dad
Doubting Dad

Sometime in the month of September I will write post 1000 for my little site.  In the blogger community numbers are huge.

Sometime this fall I will hit 100,000 page views.

Normally when a blog hits either of these two milestones the blog author celebrates.  They celebrate their good fortune at being able to continue the writing process and at the same time, increasing readership of their blog.

I won’t be celebrating.  My celebration will occur when I no longer feel compelled to use this as the therapy for the things that we deal with every day in our house.

I wonder how many milestones I will hit with this little blog of mine.

I am still working on a book about our adventures with David, so that others may learn and benefit from the things we deal with every day.

Anyway, as I close post 978, I thank you for reading.  When the time comes, I will let you know when we can celebrate my writing about issues related to fathering children like David, rather than writing about David.  Until then cheers.