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an interesting week plus other stuff.

Well, the staff for the mediator has been in touch with us.  We are looking at the end of July, first part of August for the meeting.

Before the meeting can take place, we have to have a half hour long orientation.

According to the mediator staff the meeting will take place in the Garrison High School Board Room. Nothing like meeting in a neutral place that has appropriate technology to bring all of the people together with seating for all of the people involved.

English: BlackBerry Torch opened

On Thursday we met the potential respite provider for David.  She seems like a nice lady with a lot of experience.  Time will tell how things work out.  On Wednesday David had my cell phone all day.  Very frustrating.  He texted and emailed most everyone in my phone book.  He also reset the password so that when I got it back and went to use it, the phone wiped itself out after my third attempt to get into it.  lucky enough I had a back up of it. While he was with his mentor he tried to steal a demo phone from the store.

Friday we met with the psychiatrist.  She referred to his constant taking of technology as Cleptomania.  She said it is a result of his OCD and is how he gets his fix.

I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Trying to get myself to write more. 🙂  Hope everyone has a good July 4th.

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