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He gave away my lawnmower.

American Honda Recalls LawnmowersI opened my garage today, to air up a tire on mom’s cruiser.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered my lawnmower was missing.

Yesterday, David had talked about how the neighbor’s lawn mower didn’t cut grass very well.

He told mom that the neighbor had a mower that looked a lot like ours.

Mom’s wedding ring has disappeared.  Random cash has gone missing, and we don’t know what else.

To my mom and dad.

All those times that I stole from you, I am sorry.  I had no idea how you felt.  apologies 25 years after aren’t much use, but please… accept my sincere apologies.

Cousins.  You let me stay in your apartment when I was passing through your town.  I stole a number of cassette tapes from you as well.  I make no excuses.  Please accept my apologies.

I can’t make it right, but I can apologize.

Brother.  Those silver dollars….

To that guy who woke up one morning and couldn’t start his truck.  Your battery was missing.  I can’t put it back.

There are so many, and I can’t apologize individually to everyone I have wronged, please know that I have thought of you, I try to help others as a way of making amends for the wrongs I have done.

Earlier today, David and I were struggling.   He said that he was afraid we were going to send him away.  I told him, he has control over his destiny. I don’t expect perfect behavior.  I do expect him to try.  He hasn’t shown me that he is trying.  I don’t know what we are going to do.  I just don’t know.