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Seeing the good in our son.

As I have nights when I can’t sleep, I some times peruse this site to remember the things that we have gone through with David.

I realize that it isn’t often that I post the good things that we go through with him.

For example, I walk with crutches 95% of the time.  The rest of the time, I use a cane, or try to do without.  I don’t like to do without, but sometimes necessity calls for it.  Like when I mow.  Do you know how hard it is to mow when you use crutches?  So I often times just use the mower for stability.  It has an auto off feature if I ever let go of the handle.  David has been hot about wanting to mow the lawn.  So this week, I let him.  I showed him what to do, I started the mower for him, when he ran out of gas, I filled it.  But he did the mowing.

He was so proud of himself.  Heck, I am proud of him.  It was worth it to see the look of satisfaction on his face as we put the equipment away.  I also showed him those areas that we would now need to take care of by hand since our weedeater went missing two weeks ago.  He now understands why I was upset about the weedeater, since he is the one down on his hands and knees trimming the edges of the lawn near the house, and pulling weeds.

Last week, we removed a hedge row and a couple of small trees from next to the garage.  While we took frequent breaks, the only thing I did was run the saw.  David hauled all of the branches and small logs out to a pile next to the truck and then, once we were done, he helped load the truck, haul all of that to the landfill, and then unload the truck.  Two days of work, he did it like a trooper and never, I mean never, complained.  If I needed a break, he made sure I had a bottle of water and a chair to sit in.  And he worked hard.

Since our yard isn’t very big, there isn’t much to do until we mow again, so we are working on the riding mower, which he is begging me to let him drive.  (No, not going to happen)

I guess what I am trying to say is that while we have a lot of really rough periods with David, there are gems of good days as well.  I don’t post half of what we go through with David, rather, hit the highlights.  There is goodness in there.   We don’t see it very often, but it is there.  So I share this quote from Mr. Fred Rogers.  (Thanks to my friend Stacy for sharing this quote on facebook.)

mr rogers quote