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Emotions, Autism and a flat world

I have three boys that reside some where on the Autism Spectrum.  To say that they don’t have emotion is to say that the Earth is flat.

Our 14 year old.  We have been told by therapists that he has no sense of humor.  Humor is an emotion.  It can’t be taught.  Sure his humor is quirky, but it is a means of communication for him.

Our 13 year old has an incredible sense of humor that is dry and witty.  He is quick with a come back.

A rotating animation of the human brain showin...
A rotating animation of the human brain showing the left frontal lobe in red within a semitransparent skull.

Our youngest son, shows emotion that he has learned.  Why do I say this?  He has frontal lobe brain damage.  He knows and shows zero empathy.  It is odd to see him observing the behavior of others, then attempting to model that behavior in situations that he deems appropriate.  Odd isn’t the right word.  It can be down right creepy.  But, and I say a huge BUT… this isn’t because of his Autism diagnosis.  This is a completely different issue to the Autism.

So, is the world flat?  No, I don’t think so.





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