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Pulbic to news media or not?

Fox News Channel

I have been advised to take our story regarding David public.
To CNN and FoxNews.  IThe CNN Center in Atlanta.n regards to how No Child Left Behind and the Garrison School District have conspired against educating our son in the home district under the guise of “we are unable to provide the services that his needs require…”  How is shuttling him 58 miles each way to a school in another district considered least restrictive?

What say you?  I am not an attention seeking man. I would rather seek the path of diplomacy.  But when diplomacy fails, what path is one left with?

What is the difference between facilitation and mediation?

We have had a facilitated IEP, and now the school is calling for a Mediated IEP.  What is the difference?  Or do we skip it all and go right to Due Process.  There are those who also think that we should file a law suit against the district.

I am torn. I will be meeting with all of the care providers in David’s case over the coming week to make a decision regarding this.

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