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Less than 24 hours and a wake up

Less than 24 hours and a wake up from now, barring some intervention, David will be home.

He will come home from a supported environment where he has constant supervision, consistent support, and success in school, to home.

Home where we can’t recreate the level of support he has now.

  If something happens to me or someone in the family, remind the people at the facility and at the state, that I warned them that something would happen.

Where we will live on edge waiting for him to fall apart mentally.

We are appealing the denials, but all of that takes time.  The Developmental Disabilities denial, the supported living staff denial, and general disregard for the welfare of not just the family, but of David.  I am preparing a complaint with the ethics board that governs psychologists because of their unauthorized testing of David.

I don’t understand how a facility that claims to be helping children, can be so emboldened as to deny ongoing care.

David understands that he may go to a therapeutic foster home if we can get one approved.  He also understands that there is a limited chance he will get extended again at the facility.

I have made arrangements for him to be transported to school.  The day school he will attend is 58 miles from home.  Our local district will provide transportation.

At this point, I have done everything I know how to do.  I have spoken with those I can speak with and who will listen.  However, the ones who are in control at this point, are also the ones who have dug their heals in so tightly that they are no longer helping the situation.

I look forward to completing their survey, because honestly,, I can find nothing “trauma informed” about their care of our son.

Please, if you are of a mind to, please pray for David.  Share this post far and wide.

If something happens to me or someone in the family, remind the people at the facility and at the state, that I warned them that something would happen.

The truth about David.

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Home sweet home, again.

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My pain today

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The Elusive, Manipulative Adopted Child – Tina Traster – The Atlantic

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Mark 1:11

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