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The truth about David.

Roller-CoasterWe visited David tonight.  He wants to come home.  As much as we want him to come home, home isn’t the best place for him.

It isn’t just the Reactive Attachment Disorder.

It isn’t just the Autism.

It isn’t just the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It isn’t just the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

It isn’t just the Oppositional Defiant Disorder, the Childhood Conduct Disorder, the bipolar disorder, or any of the other diagnoses that he has and has had.

It is the combination of all of these things that is what is working against him.

What does this mean for David?

Home isn’t the best place for him.  He never should have been discharged.  The psychiatrist indicated that she sees no change in him now from before he began his first placement.

So Monday.  We are going to start the paperwork.  The process.  The doctor is documenting their end of the record and will provide letters of support for placement.  Not sure when he is coming home from his current stay.  Will discuss that with the doctor on Monday.

As a result, we will be calling a team meeting of all of the people and organizations that are working with and for David’s treatment.

Please, a prayer for David, and our family as we seek whatever help we can get to ensure that David gets everything he needs to be the kind of person that we believe he can be.

The reality of our situation is that there are very few things that we haven’t tried to help him.  What I document here, most days hardly scratches the surface.  Is every day bad?  No.  Even the bad days have their good times.   It means that the roller coaster that is his life is throwing a new loop in his path.  Let’s help him stay on the appropriate path.

an update. close watch again

David is on close watch again.  He is under the belief that no matter what he does there, he is going to be moved to another facility. But that is not entirely why he is on close watch.  He is on close watch because: he climbed to the top of his closet and hid there.… Continue Reading

a setup for failure?

There hasn’t been much to report in regards to David.  He has been doing well, and by all reports is working his program.  Yesterday we had an IEP for him in the morning, and then his monthly treatment plan meeting in the afternoon.  At the second meeting, David indicated that he had reached the next… Continue Reading

Mark 1:11

I would say this applies to each of my kids.  But David, has needs beyond what our other kids do. Reports for David have been great thus far at the new facility.  Does this mean that he is cured? No. Do I expect a cure? No. What I expect is for professionals to work with… Continue Reading

monthly staffing report – Good Stuff

Today we had our monthly update conference call for David. When he left his previous placement he was struggling with some subjects.  Not sure if the standards are different in the new facility, but they report that he has a C average in all of his classes. He is not doing remedial work.  He is… Continue Reading

Ah David. Good to see the little guy

Would I really travel for 12 hours just to see him for 2 hours?  Yes I would.  Whenever the opportunity arises, you will find me on the road to see David. Had a really good visit.  He was overly concerned about death though.  Wanted to know what would happen to him if his mom and… Continue Reading

what is David like?

In a lot of ways this could be David.  In some ways, I think David is worse.  In other ways, David could be better.  I haven’t been able to find a better example. I would welcome a conversation with the people who do these news stories. The problems we have in this country with Mental… Continue Reading

A threat of suicide and a prayer

This morning, I received a phone call from staff.  David is in crisis. It is more than that.  Yesterday two young men got into a fight or something, and David decided to get involved.  As a result he lost all privileges.  Has to spend 20 minutes of every half hour with staff. They usually start… Continue Reading

David’s Honesty About Travel

Honesty is often times a misunderstood topic when it comes to David. Is he inherently honest?  Yes, I think so.  I think that most people are.  At least that is what I believe. On the other hand.  Do I believe everything David tells me? No.  I think not, and neither should you. Let me give… Continue Reading

David in Crisis Part 2

David was in crisis. His manic moods are nothing new to us.  They are new to the facility where he lives now. Today, among other things, they called and talked about an allegation that David made against a staff. David has learned that he can file grievances and complaints against the staff at the facility. … Continue Reading