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Again with Custody

Last summer we heard from the psychiatrists, “in order to get the level of care he needs, you need to give up custody.”  I asked then, “why?”

Again this month we are hearing “will you give up custody to do this… ”  and the answer isn’t easy.  It is something that we have struggled with.  Yes, in the event that was the only way he could get the care he needs, we would do that.

Giving up custody doesn’t mean that we aren’t his parents.  It is the next level of care.

I have a question though.

If he can access all these wonderful services while in the custody of the state, or county, why can’t he access those same services when he is in our custody?

What is so special about state custody?

He has already been abandoned once.   Why would we want to make him feel like it is being done again?

There exists a stigma that comes with custody.  Not necessarily giving up custody, but in the movement of custody.  He already experiences enough stigma that comes just from having mental illness.

We will do what it takes to ensure that he is successful in what ever way we can, but we will give up custody only if it is absolutely necessary.