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The reason for disabled kids….

There is a politician in Virginia who believes… ” disabled children are God’s punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy. ”

I won’t say his name, because that in my book would be akin to an endorsement.

I say this Mr. Politician.  My wife has never had an abortion, not that it is any business of yours.  We have a couple of kids with disabilities.  How do you explain that?

Mother and Child watching each other

I and a huge number of other parents of kids with special needs take offense at your words.  Be happy I don’t live in Virginia anymore, I would do everything in my power to see that you got recalled.

It is one thing to be against abortion.  I am not in favor of it myself, but until I grow my own vagina, I am not going to tell a woman what to do with hers.  However, to blame subsequent births and any special needs that those children may or may not have on abortion is an atrocity of inhumane proportions.  Where is your compassion Mr. Politician?

I say that the reason that kids have special needs is because God has seen fit to bless them, and their parents with those needs.  What is your excuse?  I can say that my kids behavior is based in part of Autism, or Reactive Attachment Disorder.  Can your mother or father say the same about yours?

People of Virgina, I hope that you vote this guy out of office.
Here is a link to an article about his statements.

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