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flies, cows and pissed off about a concussion

There is a saying… “It only takes one fly to annoy a cow…”

So, back in September 2011, my daughter sustained a concussion when she hit her head on the boat dock at the lake. With the latest concussion due to the assault last week, it could be weeks before she recovers.  Currently she is suffering from headaches, dizziness, aversion to light, aversion to loud noises and a need for sleep.

We saw the doctor today and she offered a shot of Taradol, which has to be delivered intra-muscularly.  My daughter didn’t find that appealing so first we are going to increase her ibuprofen by 200mg and see how she does.  If it doesn’t bring her relief from the pain, then we will go back later in the week and get the shot.  I tried to explain that the shot would offer immediate relief, but she didn’t want to try that option yet.

So very frustrated regarding this issue.  It didn’t have to happen.  But because some bully thought it would be a good idea to slam her into a wall or locker, she is in pain and will be for a while.  How is that fair?

So, what are our options?  So far every attorney I have talked with says that they don’t take cases regarding bullying.  So we trying unconventional methods.  We contacted the Law School at our state university, and are going to petition through the media for an attorney who is interested in working with us.

On another note, other than stealing choclate cake, our youngest son is having a good day.  No fights, no complaints, no issues, other than stealing chocolate cake.  There are worse things than stealing frosted cake.  So I am not pushing it.