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Planning for the return to school

Well, as August rolls on by we plan for the return to school.  Our oldest leaves for college on Saturday.  Our youngest has been placed on a waiting list for a long term care facility.  The other three kids will be registered for the school year tomorrow.  Where did the summer go?

May,   – Graduation
June, – Music Camp
Speech Camp
July, – Vacation – Billings MT
Mission trip – San Fransisco
August, – leave for college
school starts

English: School buses waited for the students ...

In between we had three hospitalizations for David.  Plus numerous medical appointments.  When school starts again maybe I can have a staycation.


How did your summer go?  Accomplish anything?

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mediation results

We had mediation today.  Wasn’t too thrilled with the mediator, but not any choice in the matter. In the end, we let them know that we are pursuing a residential placement for our son. Until that happens, we are going to pursue a day treatment program, which is what the school has wanted since last… Continue Reading

530am is it bedtime?

Coming up on 530am here in whynotfathers.com land.  David has slept through the night for the most part.  There was a spot where he thought I was sleeping and tried to sneak out of the room, but I nipped that in the bud really quick.  Other than stretching in his sleep it has been uneventful.… Continue Reading

I am not a hero. seriously. I can you tell who is though.

I had someone tell me it takes a special person to parent a child like David.  It takes a special person to be a parent.  Period. Any man can be a father, donate DNA, that kind of thing.  But to be a parent, a “dad” takes something more. To be the dad of a special… Continue Reading

should I feel guilty?

David spent the night with his respite family.  It is so peaceful here right now.  No fights, no thefts, no arguments. Should I feel guilty that I am enjoying the quiet? Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading