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Had to restrain David tonight.  He was kicking at me because I told him not to play with the cat food.  Littlest things can set him off, if I had thought about how it would end, I would have let him play with the cat food.   I ended up grabbing him by one arm and his opposite arm pit.  Arm pit is a pressure point and immediately allows me to get him to stop what he is doing.

Says that now he is going to tell everyone that I beat him.  Since he was writing all over himself with a marker at school, and I made him scrub the marks off, it looks like I had a pretty good grip on him.

We already have Child Protective Services coming to visit.

Hopefully the PRTF bed will open next week and he will get to go there.  I am utterly exhausted from fighting for him all of the time.

PRTF for my new readers is Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility.

He also states that he is never coming home from school.

Do you know how hard it is to care about someone who doesn’t care about anything except himself?  So trying.

He says that he doesn’t have to listen to us because he is protected.