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Stormy Lake Weather

David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.
David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.

We had a storm on the lake this week.  Tornado warnings, severe thunderstorm watch, that kind of thing.

I don’t know if it is the weather, the fact that I am at a conference, or what, but David has been in full form. A storm of a different kind.

Facebook.  If you are on the friends’ list of anyone in the family, he likely sent you a facebook request.  David is not allowed technology/Internet access.  David has a history of threatening to kill people via facebook.  Typically he does this via hacking into accounts of his siblings.  Please let us know if he says anything to you.


David left his established area.  He went outside of the boundaries established for him.  When mom got home from looking for him with the intention of calling the police and reporting him as a run away he was home.  Later, a local store owner called to report that David had purchased some items and wrote a check for them.  (In our community it is not unusual for parents to send a child to the store with a check)  David purchased a battery for a lawn mower and a spark plug.  He claimed that he purchased these items for a friend.  But couldn’t name the friend.  Couldn’t say where the friend lived.

How do we know it was David that wrote the check and made the purchase?  David is the only African-American in our community.

In our community, we are close knit.  I get reports from people all over town regarding his actions.  People marvel at the level of energy that he displays.  I heard reports many times this week with people reaching out to me.  David was in our part of town, David was over there, David was at Cenex…  And so on.

Yet when asked about it, he always denies these things.  Those people are lying.

Yesterday was a horrid day.  I won’t get into the ins and outs of all that was horrid about it for our family, let’s just say that it ended well all the way around.

David is in safe bed until Saturday.  I regret that my wife had to deal with him without having me there to help.

This… This… This stuff that has been happening, with escalating behaviors on David’s behalf, could have all been prevented.  How?  He should have never been discharged from the treatment facility.  I fear for the safety of my family.

Fear can be a terrible thing.  Please pray for my family.