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working on non-profit status

We have been mostly quiet here at Why Not Fathers.  Rest assured things have been busy.

Currently we are working on incorporating Why Not Fathers as a non-profit.  We are hoping that this will open up opportunities for speaking and further engagement.

Potential speaking engagements include the following topics:
adoption – both as a parent and as a child
reactive attachment disorder
autoimmune disorders – Lupus.
stay at home dad
using social media to connect with others who are experiencing similar events
disability and you
taking care of your own mental health
working with the school to achieve a middle ground

I am sure that there are other topics that aren’t mentioned here, so please don’t take this list to be all inclusive


Who makes major life decisions

for our son? Turns out, it may not necessarily be his mother or myself. Quite frankly, it may not be the team of psychiatrists or other professionals associated with his case. It for sure doesn’t seem to be the psychiatric residential treatment center where he is a resident, or the school where he is in… Continue Reading

Your son doesn’t have an attachment to your family.

Today we had family therapy. The therapist asked if she could bring in David’s equine therapist during the last half hour.  I responded with, I have no problems with that.  The equine therapist wanted to talk to me about something that she wasn’t comfortable addressing in front of the whole team at the CRC meeting. … Continue Reading

A fathers thoughts about Steubenville.

It is easy for someone to make armchair assumptions about a situation. Steubenville has been in the headlines lately because of incidents that occurred their which involved the football team, some cheerleaders and a party.  To say that a lack of social responsibility occurred is an understatement.  What possessed this reportedly bright stars of their… Continue Reading

Can a marriage survive a special needs child?

How about a family that has more than one child with special needs? While I can’t speak for every family, I would say that a marriage can survive, but… always a but.. There has to be communication. What follows is my 10 point list for marriage with special needs kids in the family. Communication Private… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancies: 10 Tips for Parents | Lifescript.com

  How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancies: 10 Tips for Parents | Lifescript.com. ======== I stumbled across this article by following a link from cnn.com.  At it’s most basic level, the best way to avoid teen pregnancy, is communication.  Not just to the girl’s.  These conversations need to take place with both sexes. Parent’s, naturally, don’t… Continue Reading

Assumptions about Autism are Detrimental to All Involved

By Danica C. (originally posted at My Corner of the Pond) Something that has been bothering me for a while is someone who visited my family a while back & spent maybe an hour or two. This person told another friend my daughter was not on spectrum. Now this person has never up till that… Continue Reading

A solution to a shopping dilemma or Not that one, get that one…

The other day, I had a dilemma while shopping.  It wasn’t a medical dilemma, or one about which brand of feminine hygiene product to purchase.  Had nothing to do with milk choices, cereal choices or anything like that which the stay at home dad has had to purchase before.  Nope it was facial scrub. Remember? … Continue Reading