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Service Plans Part II

Winter Snow Path

So earlier today, I asked the superintendent and two other people from outside the district what language and information the Service Plan requires.

The Superintendent told me to ask my wife.  (my wife is a special education teacher who has never seen a service plan for an IEP that is not academic in nature. Our son’s is for behaviors related to his severe ADHD and Pediatric Bipolar.)

The staffer at our state Department of Public Instruction told me to ask the superintendent.

The staffer from our state Pathfinder group told me that it is something that the superintendent and staff from the school should help us write, and gave me the number for a different individual within the Department of Public Instruction to ask.


So frustrated.  My wife says that we don’t need one.  The Superintendent says that we do.  Friday is the last day of school for this academic year.



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