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Relaxation while on vacation

Today marks day 4 of my vacation.  We toured the Little Big Horn Battlefield today.  I wish that I had no health problems. I wish that I had full use of my legs and no balance issues.  My legs work, but I don’t know from moment to moment if they are going to support me.  I walk with canes.  So we toured the site from the comfort of our mini-van.  Ahh… the feel of air-conditioning. Here is one of the photos I took today.

It was an enjoyable visit in that I spent time with my eldest daughter.  On the other hand, being a veteran, it was sad to ponder the fate of all participants in the battle.  Both Native American and US Troops.  I can’t imagine the horror that must have gone through the minds of some of the men as they realized that there was no hope of surviving the fight.

As we returned to the hotel, I reflected on my family.  I miss them very much.  The only one who is here with me is my daughter.  She leaves for college next month and this is her get away before that happens.  We have tomorrow left, we are going to view a couple of historical sites that she visited when she lived in this area with her mother.  After that, she will spend the evening with friends, and I will relax in the pool and hot tub.  Wednesday we head back to reality.   A part of me can’t wait and eagerly anticipates getting back to my family.  But then…

This is post 9 in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. 🙂

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