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Give me one more chance…

honesty doesnt make us bad parentsThese are the words that we hear from David everyday when he gets caught doing something he knows he isn’t supposed to be doing.

Today it was cigarette smoking.  Yep, 13 years old, wants to be a smoker.  Stealing cigarettes and lighters from either his grandpa or his aunt.

What else does he do?  Surely this can’t be it…  things have been relatively quiet until recently.  sure we have had our ups and downs, heck he is a teenager.  But with his mom in the hospital recovering from major surgery, he is trying to steal a little more attention for himself and take attention away from mom.

How about his God complex?  His utter and total belief that the only thing that matters on this whole world is him, and that everyone around him is here to bend to his will.

How about the total lack of “life” in his eyes, unless he is hurting another person, either physically or emotionally?   The only time the smile truly reaches the eye, is when someone else is in some kind of pain.

Always, “give me one more chance”.

He doesn’t understand that trust is earned, and not a gift to be taken for granted.  I will be posting a major announcement concerning David in the coming weeks. No, we aren’t giving up custody or anything like that.

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