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Medicaid policy change?


When we adopted David, a part of the adoption decree was court ordered Medical Assistance until he is 18.  This is because he was a special needs adoption and would have ongoing health care needs. We didn’t request special consideration for medical assistance, it was granted automatically as part of the adoption process for special needs children.

Today I was notified by the PRTF where he resides, that medicaid rejected the invoice stating that David’s case was closed.

So I called our county social services office and asked about it.  Seems we have to reapply every year for his benefit even though it is court ordered.  This is a first for us.  We have never had to apply for it before, even before the adoption was finalized.

I don’t understand this.  It is a simple thing to complete the paperwork.  It is 23 pages.  That isn’t my point.  How can they arbitrarily deny him a coverage that was court ordered?

I just don’t understand.  Lucky enough, the social worker works for the state and not the federal government.

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Who makes major life decisions

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The reason for disabled kids….

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