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Hide and Seek – or I tell no lies.

DSCF2182_v1“David… David.. David..

Tomorrow is a brand new day.  Maybe we can try telling the truth.”

Until 6pm, we had a good day going.  Then when I went to call David in for the night, he was not where I could see him.  He didn’t respond to my calls of his name.  So I went looking for him.  He claimed that he was feeding our dog Max and playing with him.  I know this because he came around the side of the house as I pulled out of the drive way.

He wasn’t where Max is, I checked there.

So he “finished watering Max” as he was carrying out a pitcher of water, he turned and asked if I had called for him.  I replied with “go, go, go,” meaning he should finish watering Max. Fifteen minutes later, I went looking for him.  No where to be found.

So I got in the van and went looking for him.  Sure enough, he was down the street, where he should have been able to hear me calling his name, where he didn’t have permission to be…

So he didn’t understand why I was disappointed.  Every time I brought it up, he argued with me.  Finally, I stopped talking.

I tried to explain that in our community, people know he has a history of stealing.  I said, “if I know where you are, I can defend you against accusations.”

So he had to argue about that too.  Claimed the NAPA man was standing out on the street giving away calendars.

While I was at the play production that our other two boys were doing with their school, David decided to hid his medicine kit.  Which until now was stored in a canvas bag.  That will change as soon as I can get the money to mount a lock box on a wall that we can store medicine in.  We searched the house unsuccessfully.  Every where except the pile of fabric next to my sewing machine in the living room.

Within minutes of asking David to help find it; he up until this point, vehemently denied knowing where it was, found it.  Said “I don’t know how it got there.”

So now he has been medicated, and is in bed.  We told him that if we didn’t give him his medicines tonight, then I was sure I could arrange a stay at the hospital where they would be sure to give him his medicine.

The key to Davids lying.  He lies about every thing.  He does it so well, that he can convince others that what he is saying is true.  He doesn’t understand why I don’t automatically believe every thing that he says.

As I tucked him in for the night, I said

“David… David.. David..

Tomorrow is a brand new day.  Maybe we can try telling the truth.”

I pray that he does, but you will have to excuse me if I don’t hold my breath waiting.  Is the need to lie pathological?  He does it instinctively, and honestly I don’t know if understands the difference between lies and reality.