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the stress free facade

You know that calm and cool Dad you see at the meetings for his son?

The one who rarely gets upset?  Yeah.  him.

That is me.  I am anything but calm.  In fact most of the time, I am so rigid with stress that I could be a string on a violin.  A damn big string on a violin.

How do I change that?

See, I would rather get up and speak in front of hundreds of people than sit in that room and have a meeting about my son. It isn’t that I don’t love him or want to fight for him, it is just that overtime, I have learned that most meetings for David don’t go well, and I need to be on-guard.

It is sad really that my early meetings for David have caused me to automatically feel like this.  Is this a, what  do they call it, psychosomatic response?  Or physiological?  Either way it sucks.

What ways do you combat meeting stress when it comes to your child?  Leave an answer in the comments and I will compile a list.


So Far, So Good, Now …

It is too early to tell if all of my worry from the last two weeks was for not. However, so far so good.  It is an adjustment for sure, but no less an adjustment for him as the rest of the family. I am used to having the house to myself all day long,… Continue Reading

an update. close watch again

David is on close watch again.  He is under the belief that no matter what he does there, he is going to be moved to another facility. But that is not entirely why he is on close watch.  He is on close watch because: he climbed to the top of his closet and hid there.… Continue Reading

First Day of School Anxiety – 7 Tips for Parents

So my son has anxiety about the first day of school.  This year is worse than normal because his resource teacher didn’t come back.  So we have to “break in” a new teacher.  I think that he will do well, it is just going to take time for him to adjust. Their are key points… Continue Reading

travelling to see David, a sadness.

We live on the great plains of our country.  Northern Great Plains.  we are about 550 miles from the residential facility where David lives. I wish we had train service between here and there.  The nearest depot to his residence is like 5 hours. the last Amtrak went into Billings, MT in 1979.  With the… Continue Reading

What if I said David might be coming home soon…

So, it has been a while since I last posted. Really not a lot to report about David.  He has changed little.  Except he isn’t yet showing the aggressive behaviors that he has in the past.  But it has only been 4 months, in his current placement, so I think that it is only a… Continue Reading

monthly staffing report – Good Stuff

Today we had our monthly update conference call for David. When he left his previous placement he was struggling with some subjects.  Not sure if the standards are different in the new facility, but they report that he has a C average in all of his classes. He is not doing remedial work.  He is… Continue Reading

A threat of suicide and a prayer

This morning, I received a phone call from staff.  David is in crisis. It is more than that.  Yesterday two young men got into a fight or something, and David decided to get involved.  As a result he lost all privileges.  Has to spend 20 minutes of every half hour with staff. They usually start… Continue Reading

Frustrating visit. Attitude.

Prior to today’s visit, we had two weekend family visits left at David’s current facility. So we extended the visit by an hour.   Soon, he will be 500 miles away, making it impossible to visit him weekly. The visit started out rocky with David not listening.  But he settled down. Then an hour before the… Continue Reading