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Good morning.

Good morning.  How about an angry tantrum to start your day?Joel Osteen Being frustrated, wondering when things are going to change isn't going to make it happen any faster. Be happy right where you are

David starts school today.  As a result he seems to want to get the whole days attention in the half hour before he gets in the car that takes him to school.

He is now accusing us of child abuse because we have to help him take his medicine in the morning.  He likes to throw it around the room, so we have to hold the back of his head to get him to take it.

This morning, within five minutes of getting up, he started with his tantrum.

I am so tired of the constant battles.

No matter how often I tell him he can’t go to Cenex, I bet you good money the van driver will take the kids there, not all of the kids deserve to be punished because of my son.

Every time I say something to him he has a snappy come back.  I can let that come back go.  How many times can you ignore someone who constantly nags at you, over and over again for 10 minutes?  15 minutes? 20?  Think that you can hold out before you get angry and tell them to shut up?  Because at that point, when you respond, you are giving them the attention that they want?  Either positive or negative.

This morning, as he was getting to the van, I checked his pockets.  Hidden in his underwear was my cell phone.  Guess I can’t let him “go to the bathroom” before he leaves for school in the morning,  I told him to give it back, and he ignored me.  So I had to unbutton his pants while keeping a firm hold of his neck, then take the phone out of his shorts.

Today we are trying a full day in school.  Last Spring, he only did half days, because his behaviors were all over the place and he just couldn’t make it through a full day.

I pray each day that placement happens soon.  He is on a waiting list, and when a bed is available, God and Ascend Management Innovations willing, he will be in a psychiatric residential treatment facility soon.

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