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Off to college

My eldest is leaving for college tomorrow.  I am sitting here thinking of all of the things from the last 18 years that I wanted to teach her, and wondering if that is enough.

In the end, this is another step in life.

We watched a movie tonight, and at the end she was in tears.  Now it could have been the movie, but when I asked her, she agreed that she was nervous about tomorrow.  Like a teacher always said, if you aren’t nervous about something that is important to you, then it isn’t all that important to you.  I think that she will be just fine.

The International Peace Gardens
The International Peace Gardens (Photo credit: wasme)



But, it isn’t like leaving her for a week at summer camp is it?

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Planning for the return to school

Well, as August rolls on by we plan for the return to school.  Our oldest leaves for college on Saturday.  Our youngest has been placed on a waiting list for a long term care facility.  The other three kids will be registered for the school year tomorrow.  Where did the summer go? May,   – Graduation… Continue Reading