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doctors and annoyances

So I have this issue with the left side of my face going numb.  I have been to two different doctors.  Had all of the major tests to rule out strokes and TIA’s.  The final answer? Fibromyalgia

“We have no idea why your face is numb.”  I heard from my neurologist today.


“If it starts to hurt, you need to come back and see me right away.” he says.


Would be better if we can treat it before it starts to hurt doc. I replied”

“Well, since we know it isn’t the Lupus, and Fibromyalgia causes pain, and we know it isn’t a problem with the brain, that leaves a nerve in your face that is having issues.  Nothing more that can be done that isn’t already being done as a treatment for your Lupus and Fibromyalgia. ” He stated.

Lovely.  So in this life of abnormality, this is the new normal.

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