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On teaching

school-649390_1280Remember that time you called the teacher a “know nothing jerk who is the epitome of what is wrong with the education profession today”?  Sure some teachers shouldn’t be in the field, but it is your job to raise awareness and fight for your child’s rights, not to rub their nose in it.  Like it or not, the teacher, subconsciously, will impact your child in a way that can take years to undo.  All because of the things that you say.

Look at me.  Eating my own words.  I was that parent.

I don’t know of any educator who went into education with the mindset of “I want to see how many young minds I can destroy”.

When it comes to the lives and education of our children, we need to meet half way.  Don’t give on following the law.  That should be a no-brainer.  If you absolutely can not meet with your child’s professional team successfully bring in someone not closely tied to the case.  I am not talking an advocate here, because they do serve a purpose.  Bring in another parent.  Someone that you trust to keep the calm between your side of the table and their side of the table.

Shouldn’t it be “our table”  or “insert kid’s name here table”?   Because honestly, no matter the shape of the table, we all have the best interest of a child in mind.  Don’t we?

If we don’t then there is something drastically wrong.