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feeling pretty positive

Had our meeting to start ramping up therapies for David.

It went well.  Always a bit of trepidation at the first meeting with a new team member, but I think that this will be a positive addition to David’s team.

David was very well behaved this morning, frequently dodged topics that made him uncomfortable, but that is normal for any teen.

Coming Monday we have an appointment with a new psychologist, this afternoon I should get a referral to a therapist for me, and we are moving forward.

What matters is that we get David and the family the services that are needed.  I will go to the end of the earth if necessary to make that happen.

Trying to move past the denial of services, but find myself struggling with the idea that some unknown entity who only looks at pieces of paper can determine the fate of our son’s long term mental health care.

Give me one more chance…

These are the words that we hear from David everyday when he gets caught doing something he knows he isn’t supposed to be doing. Today it was cigarette smoking.  Yep, 13 years old, wants to be a smoker.  Stealing cigarettes and lighters from either his grandpa or his aunt. What else does he do?  Surely… Continue Reading

How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancies: 10 Tips for Parents | Lifescript.com

  How to Avoid Teenage Pregnancies: 10 Tips for Parents | Lifescript.com. ======== I stumbled across this article by following a link from cnn.com.  At it’s most basic level, the best way to avoid teen pregnancy, is communication.  Not just to the girl’s.  These conversations need to take place with both sexes. Parent’s, naturally, don’t… Continue Reading

my name is dad

How do you teach hard lessons to an adult?  You know the one that says: “you aren’t a child anymore, it is time to face responsibility…” I don’t have much more to say than that.  One child/adult is leaving for college and seems to be intent on packing as much fun into five days as… Continue Reading