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About school – Remember Pakistan

I talked to my boys this morning about school.

32-p1I said, “imagine wanting to go to school so bad that you will risk attending even when there is a chance that someone with religious ideals that are different from yours might decide to take over the school and blow it up, along with the students inside.”

My middle son, commented, “it would make me not want to go to school.”

So this morning, as we embrace our comfortable lives, and wrap our hands around the warm cup of coffee, let’s remember those 12 to 16 year old boys who were killed this morning.  The danger for these young people and their teachers isn’t over.  Authorities are actively working to render the rest of the school complex safe.  And the death toll may rise.

130 your people killed.

For what?

Yet these young people go to school everyday with that risk in the forefront of their minds.