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Now is the time to come together.

When I started this blog, I swore that I wouldn’t post a lot of political commentary.

That said, I view this as more a philosophy than a commentary.


An election is over.  Well over 1 billion US dollars was spent on the Presidential Election alone.  Right or wrong.  That is the reality that we face.  In the end, will this election bring our citizenry together or push them further apart?

It seems to me that a small part of the problem is the severe division that is a part of our Congress.  People are not able to cross party lines even for the good of the people.  Sad as it is, this is reality.

As citizens, it is our duty to ensure that our congress men and women follow our wishes.  If they don’t then we need to make our choices clear at the next election.  That is the purpose of the election.

We also need to ensure that Congress understands that no matter how much money corporations give them, corporations are not people.  Ultimately, the people hold the power to keep them in office.

A bit idealistic of me?  Yes.  The Unites States were founded upon a series of ideals known collectively as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

When we spend 1 billion dollars to get a single man elected to the Executive, there is a problem with our ideals.  We need to get back the concept of a citizen legislature, not a career legislature.

We need to expect more from our Congress men and women.  They are not infallible.

The time for partisanship is over.  Work together, or the citizens of your state may decide to replace you.

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